Sci-Fi 04 display set

  • $49.90

Name: Sci-Fi 04 (Pre-order)
Product size: 276mm(W) x 272mm(D) x 374mm(H)
Product weight: 1750g
Main materials: ABS

- 125(pcs) parts
- instruction manual

This SCI-FI 04 fits well to your SCI-FI toys/robots & you can build 10 different options or even more with your own imagination.  With 2 sets, you can build a bigger & dramatic diorama! 

With the translucent ceiling parts, indoor light can be evenly diffused & no spot light needed for your toys photography.

FEXT SYSTEM: A modular system with high flexibility in forming various SPACE & with different themes / graphic for displaying your beloved toys, collectibles & gadgets at WORKING or LIVING area. Also enrich the funniness of toys photography!


Special thanks to 928 Toys Laboratory for the graphic design!


(Photos shown are actual product.)

Target delivery: Available now! 


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