【Fext System X LMM X Grape figure workshop "YELLOW RAILWAY STATION CONCOURSE"】

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【Fext System X LMM X Grape figure workshop

One of the highlights in the TOYS COLLECTOR MARKET in D2 Place One is the YELLOW Railway Station "CONCOURSE" & "PLATFORM" co-operated with @lmm玩具部屋 & @葡提子工作室!

Thank you for all support in last version.  This is another colour extension of "Railway station Concourse & Plaform" which we did last year.  It comes with a special feature that "Concourse" can be stacked on "Platform" to form a bigger & more interesting Diorama for all your 1:12 figure collection!

Each set includes 2 paper pillars (1 x Yellow & 1 x Blue). 
"Concourse" includes 1 long RAILING & "Platform" includes 2 short RAILINGS developed by "Grape figure workshop".
This set can be pre-ordered at both Lmm玩具部屋 or directly pre-order at our online store. Each set includes floor /wall panel and railing.  (As attached images)

Remark: All bus station, stop sign, road repair kit, recycle bins trash can, benches & gates are not included in the set.  They are sold separately by @萄提子工作室.

黃色鐵路站-大堂型號: FXS-CM-MR-YC-111
黃色鐵路站-月台型號: FXS-CM-MR-YP-112

基本場景只包地板 /背板 /柱身支架 /紙製柱身和葡提子特製欄杆一件.(見圖參考)
有關的配件(如垃圾桶、凳、閘門& 環保箱等等。)不會在此專頁開賣,請到葡提子工作室專頁追蹤及留意啊。
(如有任何爭議,FEXT HOBBY將保留最終決定權)



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